InstructorDr. Anis Khair is the instructor for medlecturesonline.

Dr. Khair’s education while training as a Physician and  Surgeon, allowed him to gain detailed knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Khair has taught healthcare professionals through out his medical training.

Dr. Khair has interest in teaching:

– Basic Sciences: Anatomy, Clinical anatomy, Physiology, Clinical physiology, General Pathology, and Patho-Physiology.

– Clinical Sciences: Surgery and Medicine

Dr. Khair’s clinical training has been in General Surgery, Urologic Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Khair has also spent time in Kidney Transplant Surgery.

While in training as a physician and surgeon, part of his curriculum was to teach / lecture medical students, surgeons, physicians, nurses, other health care professionals and health care students. He is very well versed and passionate in teaching.

Dr. Khair’s “Interactive Method of Teaching” is very much liked and appreciated by his students.  In recent past, Dr. Khair’s introduced his Interactive Method of Teaching to Surgical Technology Students of Dept. of Health Sciences, College of Southern Nevada.  His method of interactive teaching in lecture format, as well as surgical skills demonstration, has been greatly appreciated by both students and program director.

Dr. Khair believes his “Interactive Method” of teaching creates an atmosphere, where students are relaxed, free to ask questions or make comments, statements etc.,  This relaxed atmosphere, which Dr. Khair ‘s tried and tested “Interactive Method”,  leads to greater understanding of  topics / subjects being taught and so greater learning.

Dr. Khair’s research has been in Basic Sciences, Translational and Clinical Sciences in Urology and Kidney Transplantation.  His research was in world renowned and prestigious Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. He was a nominee for “The International Young Investigators Award”, at The American Society of Transplant Surgeon’s, meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Khair has several publications and book chapter in prestigious scientific journals.

Dr. Khair has participated in variety of sports throughout his life. As a Surgeon, he has treated innumerable sports injury patients. He is knowledgeable in Sports Medicine. He is Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, both qualification are accredited by Department of Education Accreditation Commission, DEAC.

Currently, Dr. Khair is Clinical Research Advisor for Senior Design bio-medical / bio-mechanical research at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering , University of Las Vegas, Nevada, UNLV.  With Mechanical Engineering students, Dr. Khair develops medical devices.

Dr. Khair is educator at Department of Health Sciences, College of Southern Nevada.  Dr. Khair lectures Surgical Technology students in variety of surgical areas.  He also demonstrates surgical skills to these students.